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Radio Casablanca
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Casablanca 20001, Morocco

Questions about our policy? E-mail us at i-rc@maroc.net

LOUKT sarl -- which operates Radio Casablanca -- respects our customers' right to privacy. When we collect information about our users, subscribers, and other customers, we make every effort to give them the option to "opt out" of providing such data. However, we feel strongly that choosing to share some data with us will help make your experience here and other interactions with Radio Casablanca more pleasant and successful for you, and will help us continue to provide our users with the entertainment they desire.

Most of the information we collect on our website is aggregated to track general patterns such as browser and platform usage and overall traffic patterns. We use address, telephone, and e-mail information primarily to deliver items you request, such as magazines, weekly e-mail newsletters, items purchased from our store, or fine photography catalogs.

Upon request, we provide our users with access to any and all information (including proprietary information) that we maintain about them. Users may access and/or correct this information, or have themselves removed from any shared list, by contacting us by postal or electronic mail.

Cookies: Radio Casablanca sets cookies to spare members the irritation of having to log in at every visit and enables us to track their settings and preferences. These cookies do not record your domain name, or your e-mail address or any personal information about you or your Web-viewing habits.

Security: When sending or receiving sensitive information such as credit card numbers, we automatically direct users to a secure transaction server.

Advertising: We feature advertising banners on our website hosted by third party servers. Some of the servers used by our advertising partners may use cookies to track your "click-stream" (your viewing and/or purchasing behavior). Any data they collect is separate from that collected by Radio Casablanca. To determine what, if any data our advertising networks may collect, examine their privacy policies.

Subscriptions: When you subscribe to our magazine, we use your personal address information to deliver your magazine and send you periodic reminders to renew your subscription. We may also contact you about new products or services, or up coming events, or share your information with reputable companies who may contact you via mail with products or services we think will be of interest to you. If you do not wish to receive such third-party mailings, please contact us at the above postal address, or send an e-mail to i-rc@maroc.net with your full name and address and we will be sure to remove your name from our shared lists.

RC Journal: When you sign up for our weekly newsletter we do not share your e-mail address, or any information about yourself which you may volunteer, with any third parties.

E-mail: If you provide us with your e-mail address while filling out a form on our Web site, we may use it to inform you of new features on our site and periodically to send mailings to you about Radio Casablanca and partner products, services and other information. If you wish to be removed from such lists, e-mail us at i-rc@maroc.net or write to the above postal address with your request, along with your name and e-mail address.
Please note that this does not apply to e-mail addresses collected in our discussion forums.

Discussion Forums:In order to register for participation in our forums, you must provide us with an e-mail address. These addresses are not shared with anyone nor are they used for any promotional purposes. Please keep in mind, however, that the e-mail address you use to register, and any personal information you post to the forum, is available to any person with a Web browser and Internet access. If you would like to register but remain anonymous, feel free to use an anonymous e-mail address.

Special Promotions: If you supply us with any personal information in connection with a special promotion or giveaway, any information you provide will be covered by the terms of this policy as well as by the privacy policies of any partnering/sponsoring entities connected with that promotion.

Our Promise: We will never user our customers' information in any way other than those outlined above without first notifying you on our Web site and providing you with the opportunity to opt out.

If you believe our site is not adhering to the privacy policy outlined above, please contact us at the above address, phone number, or e-mail address.